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Title Source Date
Green Paper“The European Research Area: New Perspectives” EUROPA 4/4/2008
New online leaflet on Fission energy in 22 languages EUROPA 18/3/2008
Winners of the European Science Awards EUROPA 13/3/2008
International Cooperation in Energy Research EUROPA 12/3/2008
Intellectual property and technology transfer EUROPA 11/3/2008
EU and Russia strengthen research ties CORDIS 13/11/2007
Only six Member States meet researcher visa deadline CORDIS 16/10/2007
Multinational cruise to collect data in the Black Sea CORDIS 3/10/2007
EU and Russia to strengthen agro-bio-food research ties CORDIS 18/9/2007
EU and Russia signed an agreement in the field of aeronautics research Europa 19/7/2007
Important role for Russian partners in aeronautics research Europa 19/7/2007
Patent data available in Russian Europa 18/7/2007
EU project seeks to improve innovation performance of Russia and Ukraine CORDIS News 12/7/2007
EU-Russia co-operation in aeronautics research takes another leap forward Europa 12/7/2007
Committee meeting under the EC-Russia Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology Europa 6/7/2007
International cooperation, the cornerstone of the Seventh Framework Programme Europa 1/6/2007
Research Openings service with information and opportunities for experts and researchers CORDIS 10/5/2007
EC’s Descartes Prizes for international scientific excellence now accepting applications Europa 2/5/2007
EU launches Vestnik newsletter Delegation of the European Commission to Russia 2/5/2007
Brussels honours top woman scientist: Professor Birshtein based at the Russian Academy of Sciences in St Petersburg Europa 28/3/2007
EU- Russia to strengthen space cooperation Europa 21/3/2007
EURAB Report on International cooperation European Research Advisory Board 1/6/2006
EU-Russia research co-operation gears up for FP7 EU press material 22/5/2006
Key messages from NEST for the success of frontier research CORDIS News 31/3/2006
International scientific co-operation in FP7 Europa 1/3/2006
Research and International Co-operation RTD Info – Special Issue 1/7/2005
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The EU and Russia: Exploring beyond borders Europa -
REINFORCING EUROPEAN RESEARCH POLICY - The International Dimension - "Towards effective partnerships through International S&T cooperation activities" RTD Info -
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